Shocking Twist As Details Emerge In San Bernardino Shooting


Federal authorities are set bring charges against the friend who bought two guns used in the San Bernardino shooting last week by Syed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Mailk.

According to Fox, Enrique Marquez legally purchased the AR-15 rifles that Farook and Malik both used during the shooting to kill 14 people and injure 21 other. Marquez will most likely be indicted after he shared substantial information to authorities regarding Farook and Malik.

Furthermore, those law officials also now have reason to believe that Marquez and Farook’s friendship was not a new one. Officials say that Farook and Marquez had planned a shooting in 2012 in Los Angeles, but that never manifested after four others were arrested in a nearby county for an unrelated terror incident.


It is also believed that Marquez purchasing firearms for Farook was not an isolated one-time occurrence as during the abandoned attempt in 2012, Marquez had bought or at least given Farook guns to use. Also for Marquez, it is still unclear what charges he will face but we can expect a charge involving arms dealing and abetting a crime as Marquez supplied the weapons used.

But here’s where things got a little twisted. Apparently, Marquez is related to Farook via marriage after wedding the sister-in-law of the gunman’s older brother. And his address on his marriage license was the same as one of his family members.

The story continues to unfold as we find out that his brother-in-law Raheel Farook was a medal winning Navy veteran, after receiving the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal and the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal.

If there’s one thing we can be sure about it’s that this story is far from over. It has been said this investigation is one of the most comprehensive in recent Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) history after conducting over 300 interviews and dispatching a European team. It would not be a surprise to me if the timelines and connections become more clear as time goes on.


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