Mistrust between Hillary Clinton and Vladimir Putin


The conflict in Syria has intensified the diplomatic tensions between Washington and Moscow. Over the last several days, unsuccessful bilateral talks between the United States and Russia have created more brutal violence and unstoppable bombardments in the areas surrounding Aleppo in Syria. The truce for the ceasefire has been broken and as a result, humanitarian convoys from the United Nations have been destroyed and more than 20 volunteers were killed in the process. Since the presidential race has been underway, both Hillary Clinton–who is the first female nominee–and the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, have been exchanging tense words and troubling remarks back at each other. The other presidential nominee, Donald Trump, has been firing on social media about his opponent, Hillary Clinton, for mistrusting and badly handling her relations with Vladimir Putin in an attempt to end the war in Syria. It seems that both Hillary Clinton and Vladimir Putin have been having mistrust issues for quite sometimes.

As the war in Syria has taken a darker turn in finding a plausible diplomatic solution in the country, the two nations have never been so at odds with each other. Both Washington and Moscow are threatening each other with their cooperative efforts at ending the war in Syria. Both nations have been sending and sharing incendiary comments in an endless feud over the incessant bombardments, killing of civilians, and possible crimes against humanity. The situation on the ground in Syria has been worsening since the ceasefire failed miserably and as a result, more Syrian civilians have the target of air strikes, cluster bombs, cloud bombs, and other lethal devices that penetrate and send shocking waves underground to topple buildings and create chaotic scenes. More lives have been claimed in this higher degree of fighting both on the air and on the ground.

Mistrust between Hillary Clinton and Vladimir Putin

The diplomatic settlement is far from being implemented as the war-torn country of Syria is experiencing deeper insurgencies as the political divide widens between Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, the United States, and now Egypt is also involved in fighting the Islamist State at the border between Egypt and Syria. According to Morning News USA, “As more experts suggest that the next US presidential election winner could spell the future of the United States, comes as rising feud between Vladimir Putin and Hillary Clinton. Will the two officials go on an all out war.” (29 September 2016). This comes at a very bad time for Hillary Clinton, as reports suggested that her e-mails and the DNC itself has been hacked and personal information was retrieved. Clinton is accusing Putin to be the one who is responsible for the hacking at her presidential campaign headquarter. Of course, these sorts of accusations can escalate the mistrust between Clinton and Putin.

There is definitely a lack of mutual trust and reliable confidence between the two nations, which seem to be in a war of vicious and angering words. The same news agency said, “Russia sees this as a threat to its sovereignty. Officials in Russia has [sic] also accused Washington of advocating policy of “regime change” opposing Moscow. Once again this a dangerous diplomatic territory to be in as Washington and Moscow are showing their fierce differences in terms of their respected diplomatic work which have been proven to be failing every step of the way. From the same report, “The US Department, additionally, has not stopped accusing Russia of war crimes and other suspicious activities.” Indeed, the violence continues unabated and the crossfire between the two nations has not helped in ending the civil war in Syria. It seems that Hillary Clinton is having a dilemma with Putin as the two officials are at war with each other.

From the New York Post, compiled by Eric Fettmann, “There is an unspoken understanding within the administration that ‘there will be no major American response’ to Russian aggression.” Russia is viewed as a nation that has committed war crimes, killed civilians, and broke several peace talks, but Russia keeps denying these allegations and their responsibilities in these severe accusations. Fettmann stated, “There’s a split between the State Department, which wants a stronger response, and the Pentagon which calls any intervention too risky. Stuck in the middle: Syria’s largest city, besieged in an assault that has appalled even those accustomed to the savagery of war.” The bombings have not stopped and Russia is being accused of all the wrongdoings and mistakes in Syria.

Every day of the war, Syria is engulfed in a deepening and bloody squabble of senseless disputes as to whom is more responsible for the devastating situation in Syria than the other. The civil war in Syria will enter its sixth years of bloody conflict. So far more than 300,000 people have lost their lives. Mistrust between the two officials will only worsen one of the largest humanitarian crises since WWII. Mistrust will also create more confusion and more disengagement in seeking out a diplomatic solution in Syria.


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