Write For Us

Are you politically-minded? Have a lot to say on one of these topics:
– US, Canadian, World politics
– Environment/climate change
– Economy
– Health

Or are you interested in writing long-form thoughts about major sports?

LWOS presents SportsAndPolitics.org — a site that focuses on carefully crafted editorials on important topics. We are not a news site — we’ll leave that to the CNN’s of the world. But we believe there is always a place to have opinions shared, provided they are:

  • properly sourced (we do not allow for unsubstantiated “rants”)
  • based in reality (satire is great, just not at S/P at the present)
  • is factual

Your article should:

  • be thoroughly proofread
  • contain a minimum of two sources
  • give appropriate credit when applicable

Our normal time frame for a reply is 48-72 hours.

Send your sample article to: [email protected]


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