As The Donald Turns; Unhinged

US President Donald Trump greets the crowd during a campaign rally at the Florida State Fairgrounds Expo Hall in Tampa, Florida, on July 31, 2018. (Photo by SAUL LOEB / AFP) (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

The staff at As The Donald Turns had hoped to take more of a Summer break but President Unhinged beckoned us back. Spending an entire day in the White House doing nothing but tweeting was like POTUS sending a bat signal into the sky for us. So here we are, with this new episode of As The Donald Turns;Unhinged.”

As The Donald Turns; Unhinged

  • There was an intruder in the White House Wednesday. She went into the press briefing room and started talking. She claimed her name was Sarah Huckabee Sanders and she claimed to work in the White House. We are not so certain. There were only three press briefings in all of July, so we did not recognize her. Still, we watched her do her alleged job. She had a lot of explaining to do and she did a very poor job of it. Hey, maybe it really was Sarah.
As The Donald Turns
August 1, 2018. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Photo courtesy New York Post)


  • Donald’s tweet of the day that got the most attention was the one that seemed to direct the attorney general to end the Mueller investigation.

Sanders’ explanation was the word “should” was key. It meant that it was Donald’s opinion and not a directive. That is how low we have gotten in this twitter discussion. Whether one word constitutes a federal violation and obstruction of justice, or whether it is just diarrhea of the mind. Sanders advocated both that the investigation should run its course and end immediately at the same time. She called it, “a fraud,” and said “most of America is angry.”

  • In other tweets he did while eating breakfast egg sandwiches, Trump claimed Peter Strzok should have recused himself when he was put on the Mueller team, (yet he wants Sessions to un-recuse himself and fire Mueller); said Paul Manafort was being treated worse than Al Capone; claimed his campaign was one of the most successful in history and that the investigation was a hoax and the “Dirty Dossier” was totally discredited. People who watch actual news, or get their details from “award winning” sites like this know that all of that is bunk. Those that get their details from Donald believe what he says and go to social media to repeat it. They are what we call “unhinged.”

We Have Seen The Enemy, And We Are Unhinged

  • That was evident Tuesday night at a rally in Tampa when, as CNN’s Jim Acosta was trying to do his live report, the Donald fanatics surrounded him and chanted “CNN Sucks!” as well as some other unpleasantries that we cannot repeat here.
As The Donald Turns
July 31, 2018. People at a Trump rally in Florida shouting down CNN reporter Jim Acosta. (Photo courtesy Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

This has become commonplace at Trump events. Even as media members have been threatened, Donald continues to stoke the flames with his “enemy of the people” claims. Sanders addressed that by saying it’s the media’s fault. They cannot be trusted to keep state secrets and their leaks put people in danger. Seriously. That was her defense of rallying the lunatic fringe. Sanders referenced a leak from the conservative Washington Times in the late 1990’s that the US was tracking Osama Bin Laden’s satellite phone to track his whereabouts as proof that the media could not be trusted. That was her proof. A leak from 30 years ago to validate her bosses’ claim that the media today is the enemy of the people.


  • As she tried to regain an ounce of credibility in defending Donald’s “unhinged” opinions, she talked about his stance at the rally Tuesday night on voter ID laws. The President of the United States claimed that you have to show ID when you go to the grocery store, so you should have to show ID when you vote. The staff at As The Donald Turns took a field trip to the grocery today. No one had to show ID for their purchases. Sanders said clearly the president meant if you buy beer or wine. Well, sure that was the first thing that came to his mind, especially since he claims to have not had a drink of alcohol in decades. Sanders could not own up to several things. first, that there is no massive voter fraud across the country. Second, that voter ID initiatives are generally meant as voter suppression, and third, that her boss does not do his own grocery shopping.
As The Donald Turns
File photo of the Trump family. (Photo courtesy

How Much For That Cool Hat And Tie?

  • In search of something else President “Unhinged” said that Sanders can try to make right, we move on to the subject of tariffs with China. Sanders announced from the podium that the president has decided the 10% tariffs on China are not enough, so he will be ramping them up to 25%. That is going to impact the US even more drastically. We went to see if President Unhinged had tweeted about it yet and he had not. But when we opened the thread to one of his other tweets, do you know what we saw? An advertisement for MAGA hats. Pay the shipping and handling and you can get one for free. Of course, they come from CHINA!!! As does the tie the president was wearing Wednesday as he announced the tariffs on China. But hey, who needs facts and details when you have people who just want to believe whatever “unhinged” things come out of the White House.
As The Donald Turns
File photo. President Donald Trump with a Maga hat and a tie from the Donald J. Trump line; both made in China. (Photo courtesy Getty Images)
  • Speaking of the unbelievable, it seems as though POTUS was serious when he talked about the SPACE FORCE. We didn’t write about it previously because we thought he was joking. But Sanders says despite the Defense Department continuing to miss every deadline to develop planning reports, the president is continuing to meet with advisers on it. Perhaps the Pentagon isn’t putting together reports, because they are actually not unhinged. Perhaps they, like most of us, realize there about two dozen international treaties, many instigated by the U.S., that ban the militarization of outer space. But again, who are we to espouse facts.

No Wall Too High, Or Too Expensive

  • Let’s look for something else we can find that seems normal. President Unhinged has been pushing for the border wall or he wants the government shut down. We assume he wants the Mexican government shut down. I mean he promised Mexico was going to pay for the wall. Why would he to shut down the U.S. government if Mexico doesn’t pay for the wall? Oh, wait….that’s right. Mexico was never going to pay for the wall. We forgot. The rubes who voted for him got taken. See what happens when we take Summer breaks? So, it was the U.S. taxpayer that was going to have to foot the bill. Congress doesn’t want to deal with it before the November midterms. Donald doesn’t want to sign the budget bill without the money for the wall. That means a government shutdown. Wednesday, he took a break from his tweet day and did an interview with noted “hard core journalist,” Rush Limabugh. He told Limbaugh that a government shut down would be good politically for the Republicans right before the election.

“I actually think we’d get more and there’d be more pressure on the other side, because we’re doing it because the Democrats are not giving us the votes.”

Nothing says good politics like furloughing government workers and shutting federal facilities to make a point about your stupid wall. Even your own congressional leaders disagree with you.

Ok, Seriously…These Folks Are A Little Too Frighting

  • So, we are still searching for something we can work with. Tuesday night in Tampa, Donald said, “There a lot of evil people in Washington.” The crowd cheered. Apparently, many of the evil people traveled from Washington to Tampa. And they were wearing “Q” shirts and carrying “Q” signs. These are the folks that are turning the Trump crowds from delusional to downright dangerous.
As The Donald Turns
Followers of the “Q” movement in attendance at the Trump Rally in Florida on Tuesday July 31st. (Photo courtesy Rod Millington/EPA)

“Q” is an anonymous social media persona or persons who claims to have inside sources to the most outlandish right wing conspiracy theories imaginable. Some have described it as Pizzagate on steroids, and we know how one person almost got killed with pizzagate. “Q” claims to be a government insider exposing an entrenched, international bureaucracy that is secretly plotting all sorts of nefarious schemes against the Trump administration and its supporters. The character uses lingo that implies that he or she has a military or intelligence background. The followers are a bunch of increasingly dangerous crackpots holding on to theories that Mr. Trump is a sort of conquistador battling a cabal of anti-American saboteurs who have taken over government, industry, media and various other institutions. There is a longer version of how they look for codes in Q’s messages and Trump’s tweets, but it will take books to decode it.

The “unhinged” of society have found their leader, and he tweets from the White House.






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