Party Politics Lie, Hurting Minorities on Both Sides


What if I told you that Conservative media and party rhetoric are also responsible for bringing American politics to this point? I’d have been pissed off to hear such a take two years ago. It also might sound absurd as a Conservative looking at the Liberal media. Well, I’m not giving them a pass either. In fact, I’m willing to admit that Liberals are less likely than anyone to receive my benefit-of-the-doubt. It’s just that Republican influence is constantly on my mind, probably due to my upbringing, alongside my lost love for two things. The Republican Party and the two-party system as a whole.

“How could it be our fault when the Left preaches such hate?!” lament the honest, kind-hearted, and difficult Conservatives alike, all lambasted by the MSM as bigots, regardless of their individual views. But of course, as much of the mainstream is today, that too is hyperbole. The Left and Right are not made up of as many lunatics and extremists as our media wants you to think. However, that’s not to discredit the lunacy seen ongoing within the National Conventions. It’s more to encourage you that everyone you come across of different political affiliation isn’t predestined to be a jerk. To show that there’s actually a massive amount of independent moderates, fed up with the constant media hysteria, and the number is growing.

With that said, what is the duty of the American conservative, or at least those more aligned with fighting current two-party corruption? With a dawning Independent movement supported by the many Americans unhappy with this system, I think the answer lies in reforming the parties as we know it. Much of that, I believe, can be answered through race relations. With race being so central to political dialogue over the last two years, it has been strange to experience as a young adult.  Why?

The media sure is telling us to care more about race than we literally ever have as millennials

I know that’s clearly different for the older crowds, but just pay attention to our media’s lust for racial division. Then, notice the monopolies on said media. That should give any Americans, immigrants, and minorities a decent taste of the larger truth they need to know.

Democratic ideology isn’t good for your success, happiness, or freedom, and that obviously extends to minorities. The American immigrant largely works hard, because it’s a life changing opportunity they know very is promising. The majority of the national dialogue to the contrary is BS. Furthermore, the hard-working, financially independent philosophy required to make that move just doesn’t line up with liberal values. So, there’s another reason to ditch the party that suppresses your individual freedoms.

Be it through designed reliance on the welfare state, higher taxation, unjust conviction and imprisonment rates, whatever.  There are countless ways minorities are treated unfairly and left in the dark, our African American community specifically. Yet, the media has perfectly stirred the conversation to anger our Black population. It’s the White politicians on both sides, especially Democrats, whispering the debilitatingly enticing ‘sweet nothings’ in our minority politicians’ ears, only to hold them in financial bondage later. What do we get? The minority communities voting blue and waiting for promises that will never come this way. Empty promises made by politicians willing to squander their own race’s reformation efforts for personal gain.

The Republican Party loses critical margins in the minority vote. The answer to this problem could be a million different things, for a million different reasons, with solutions to a million different issues, so I’ll try to focus on just a few that I feel fall under the same umbrella.

The umbrella: what am I getting at?  Minorities, and the urban black community especially, have been shackled by Democratic Party policies for too long.

I fight the urge to say by the Democratic Party itself, alongside their current politicians. That’s only because it would be coming from a biased, passion-driven, and irresponsible place. So I’ll go with “policies.” I believe the Democratic Party has fooled much of our minority population with their hollow campaigns for racial prosperity through manipulation, dishonest city business, and identity politics, all of which commonly observable throughout Democratically governed cities and operations. I’m not saying Republicans don’t too, though, which is part of my grief with the two -party system.  Just look to Dallas politics.

But reparations and identity politics seem nice, right?  Perhaps it would be fair, even, to receive some form of restitution and privilege in exchange for being punished and abused so long because of it. Reparations in some form, at least by way of reformative efforts, aren’t so ludicrous to ask for, right? Of course not. But here is my issue and some questions that complement it:

Why does the DNC receive such little scrutiny from their minority voter base when they’ve repeatedly under-catered to them over the long term?

Is it simply that the Left “speaks more politely” when the conversation boils down to race? I would say I understand, but I don’t quite want to say that as a 23-year-old, mostly American white man. But I feel I’m compassionate and can empathize, so what gives? At some point, I’d think actions matter more than words. More credibility to my point that words matter? I’d hope most wouldn’t refute me on that….

Next. Why does the DNC receive such little scrutiny from their voter base period?

There seems to be incredibly less accountability on the left, be that for actions, public statements, or even logic used in debate. Perhaps that really only speaks more to the power of the media, and the greater liberal influence on it.

But to entertain the point I embarked on. Politicians, and a lot of white ones in the Democratic Party, seem to get away with the most in our political atmosphere. Why? Does that, too, tie into what I said about Dallas politics? How much of the political power given to Blacks in inner-city politics really just comes down to including “Token Black” politicians so that African-Americans will feel represented? As if just having a seat at the table is enough. That’s how it feels in Dallas sometimes, at least. Sadly, this is worse in our democratically governed cities, and it shows.

I guess I just don’t understand that kind of party loyalty.  And I especially don’t understand it when prominent Democratic Party politicians have been caught faking reputation and ethnicity to cash in on privileges meant for the very minorities supporting them. Hey, here’s another one on top of those two links: Rachel Dolezal. Just some more exploiting the poor by the White Man, I guess… Yet, you’re still voting for them.

When is enough enough for minorities to flip that party switch? Or at least abandon them both?

I honestly don’t think you can expect this kind of change come from this progressive, vocal left. Not from what I have seen for the last two years. They’re too radical, inefficient, and flawed in their approach; too illogical in their demands and too obsessed with betting all of their chips on marginalized communities that account for blips on the map that is our population. I think the changes need come from the Republicans.

Here are my under-the-umbrella points, as I bring this whole argument home:

1) Conservatives. Figure out that even though words are only as strong as the power you give them, rhetoric still matters.

That’s just life. With that said, the sooner the President and RNC’s tone improve, the better. Specifically? When addressing matters of immigration, healthcare, and poverty. That would go a really long way. It’s ridiculous how many minority individuals will tell you that voting blue hasn’t been great for their communities. It’s even more ridiculous when it comes down to “how can I support a President and party that so flippantly voice insensitive views?” Could that tone and rhetoric be hurting the Right that badly? I think so. But it should hurt the Left too. Many things said by liberal politicians (Hillary Clinton’s recent joke, for example) and media (like recent derogatory comments towards Kanye West) would bring forth calls for crucifixion if said by anyone not registered as a Democrat.

2) Our minority population needs to take the blinders off as to which policies, not party, offer the best concrete options for you. Not promises.

I understand that can come off as privileged, because many of our minorities don’t have the luxury of looking forward to a time of spilling-over savings accounts when suffocating under bills. But so much of what the DNC platform advocates for deters support from the get-go for a reason, that reason being that much of the DNC’s platform comes off stupidly to those that just want to take care of their own business. Do you trust others to work as hard as you do for your money? I don’t. I also don’t trust the government to better use my money for welfare and reform than I can with charity and goodwill directly. And that sentiment will only grow as I become successful in my business ventures of the future. Another sentiment that only seems to grow is my belief that much of our government functions incompetently.

3) Much of the DNC’s base needs to break away from the media party line and start thinking.

As always, that applies to everyone, including the crazy conservatives and Trumpians, as well. But, seriously. The modern Left as of late is embarrassing, and it starts at the top with who you’ve empowered. Take the blinders off, analyze the people and ideas that make up your convention. Shake down every piece of information broadcasted to you, without being a router that just forwards packets of information on without processing them.  Both sides of the aisle are comprised of so many people willing to just regurgitate MSM (and Fox News) talking points. They’re never the whole story and rarely the plausible solution.

Let’s Wrap It Up

How did we come to a place where everything feels so hypocritical?  The Democratic Party, once the flower-children activists inviting outsiders and weirdos in, now pride themselves in fighting for absolute minority populations. They scream at differing ideologies and politicians at dinner. And it’s all while turning a blind eye to and abetting corruption.

The Republican Party was once home to religious values that encouraged modesty, compassion, and the Christian values associated. Now, they back an administration with general disregard for upholding a positive image, although that’s probably mostly on Trump. I respect not caring what people think, and for Trump, it was once effective for viewership and support. But I don’t see that as the case anymore. Where we’re at is too divisive and inflammatory. Conservatives are having crises of conscience, melting down at the crossroads of their beliefs and being grossly misrepresented in identity and values by our President and party.

Step back and realize that this system doesn’t work out best for any of us, especially not the lower class. Probably just for the state and elite. But, I digress. Let me finish by asking, what does the current Republican Party need to do to reach more of the dissatisfied minority population?

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