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I'm Matt Hirst and I'm new to S&P. I'm from Flower Mound, Texas, and graduated from Oklahoma State University in May of 2017. There, I played football and red-shirted as a freshman, before quitting and finishing out with a degree in Management Information Systems: Information Assurance. Upon reaching my upper level classes, I soon realized I hated my career path, and started freaking out a little bit. I reassessed my passions, and came back around to writing, something I hadn't done since testing out of college English in high school. I made a New's Years Resolution, wrote an application article for the LWOPF Patriots beat team, and I've been writing ever since. In my time at S&P, I hope to gain experience in yet another style of journalism, transforming my political ramblings into more properly-formed arguments, while staying true to my voice and self. Being young and somewhat frustrated by the past few years, that voice now comes from a conservative-libertarian place, with a gonzo sort of twist. Enjoy. Find more about me, my writing experience, and my history with LWOS here: https://www.matthirstblog.com