As The Donald Turns; No

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The staff at As The Donald Turns has noticed a theme throughout Donald Land as of late. That theme would be “No.” As in, no, don’t do that. No, no one is actually saying that. No, you are completely wrong…again. The theme is this episode, “No.”

As The Donald Turns; No

  • Donald has himself in a bind when it comes to immigration. Mostly that stems from not understanding immigration. Thursday, he was quoted by the Washington Post as wondering why so many immigrants to the US come from “S–t holes.” It came in the Oval Office as part of a discussion about immigration from Haiti and Africa. NO, the White House did not even deny it. They just said it was part of a larger conversation. NO, Donald does not understand why people in war torn countries, or nations decimated by natural disasters need a place of safety. NO, Donald does not understand why they can’t just stay where they are. No, Donald does not understand why we can’t just choose specific individuals from glamorous locations to come here. Of course, for Donald, his racist tendencies displayed by Thursday’s comment, they would all be white, western European countries. Most of his base agrees with him, so NO real harm done.
As The Donald Turns
Possible US immigrant from Norway? (photo courtesy

He has suggested we need more people from Norway. What he has NO depth of understanding of is, the folks of Norway have government funded education, government funded healthcare. Why would they want to come to Donald Land? Fox’ Tucker Carlson defended the president Thursday night by acknowledging that some countries are what the president called them. Maybe if we get them all from his favorite African country “Nambia.”

Yes, No, Maybe……

  • Of course, Donald was already backpedaling this week because he has NO depth of knowledge when it comes to what makes an immigration policy. He was going to be the guy who gets things done. He held a meeting earlier in the week with both Democrat and Republican members of the House and Senate. They were going to debate DACA, the wall, chain migration, and more. Donald made it clear, he did not care what was in the bill. He said he would sign anything they put on his desk if it was what they passed. CA Senator Dianne Feinstein said it would be great to pass DACA legislation in a clean bill, (no other issues in the bill), and Donald said that was great.
As The Donald Turns
(Photo courtesy CNBC.)

He said they could then move on to the next phase with the wall, and the other issues. He gave the Dems everything they wanted. Then he didn’t. CA republican congressman Kevin McCarthy grabbed the president, shoved a cloth in his mouth to shut him up and derailed the agreement. Ok, not really, but pretty close. McCarthy was coming out of his seat to remind the president that he wants all those issues in one bill so as to screw the DACA folks. Donald spent the rest of the day saying NO DACA without the wall.


  • The Mensa member that he has as press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, said that day she did not understand the difference between a secure boarder and a wall. The Dems are willing to spend money on drone surveillance, more boarder patrol and other elements to make the boarder secure, but not the wall. Sanders was asked if the president could agree to that without the wall. She was asked four times. She made it clear she did not understand the difference. NO genius there.
As The Donald Turns
File photo. Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Photo courtesy Al Drago/Bloomberg via Getty Images)


  • Donald later claimed he received letters from news anchors talking about what an amazing job he did with the immigration meeting. NO. He did not. I mean maybe one of the dolts at the GOP Network or Newsmax sent him one, but NO one with any serious journalism credentials. We know he has a proclivity for saying things that are easily proven to be wrong, but this one is just stupid. In case you’re wondering, no one on the staff here sent him a congratulatory letter. Mensa Sanders was asked for copies of the letters. The White House came up with zero, but provided a list of tweets from various and random people.

Looking for Mr. Yes

  • Donald needs some “yes.” The staff searched far and wide for somewhere where he is correct. We could not find one.

@realDonaldTrump Jan 10

“Cutting taxes and simplifying regulations makes America the place to invest! Great news as Toyota and Mazda announce they are bringing 4,000 JOBS and investing $1.6 BILLION in Alabama, helping to further grow our economy!”

This is great news. It was approved by both boards last Summer, long before the tax bill was even written. It has nothing do with what he tweeted about.

@realDonaldTrump 13h13 hours ago

“Disproven and paid for by Democrats “Dossier used to spy on Trump Campaign. Did FBI use Intel tool to influence the Election?” @foxandfriends  Did Dems or Clinton also pay Russians? Where are hidden and smashed DNC servers? Where are Crooked Hillary Emails?  What a mess!”

The dossier has not been disproven. The staff here read the summary of the congressional testimony of Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson. His testimony this week basically wiped out the GOP talking points about how the dossier was started, who paid for it, and what it’s purpose was. NO, Donald…no matter how much you tweet the Three People on a Sofa Show for your daily talking points, you are way out on a wrong limb here.

@realDonaldTrump 9h9 hours ago

“Great news, as a result of our TAX CUTS & JOBS ACT!”

Donald used this tweet to attach to a fox business video which we will not place here. Sycophant Maria Bartiromo can peddle her junk elsewhere. The point of the story though was how Walmart stock went up 63 cents a share Thursday. It was a sign of a strong economy thanks to the tax cuts.

You know what it was really a sign of? The fact Walmart off-shoot Sam’s Club was cutting costs by closing 63 stores and laying off 11,000 employees, thus driving their top end profit margins higher. Think those 11,000 people are feeling good about the new tax codes? Indiana will be closing nearly all of it’s locations. Is this more of the winning that they were going to get tired of when the state voted for him?

The Best of Pals

  • A late breaking NO for Donald. He did a Thursday night interview with the Wall Street Journal…not exactly the bastion of liberalism. He told the WSJ that he has a “Great relationship,” with North Korean despot Kim Jong Un. HUH? Rocket Man? That guy? NO, you don’t have a great relationship with him Donald. I don’t know about Donald, but I generally do not threaten people I am close to with nuclear Armageddon. Donald was asked if he had ever even spoken with Kim Jong Un. He would not answer. We are going to guess NO.
As The Donald Turns
File photo. Kim Jong Un. (Photo credit should read STR/AFP/Getty Images)




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