Pick Em: Week 14 NFL Matchups


Today marks the start of week 14 in the NFL, so here are our writer’s picks:

Minnesota Vikings at Arizona Cardinals

Thursday 8:25 PM

Aaron: Cardinals by 6

Derek: Cardinals by 14

Tanner: Cards by 8

Game Notes: As much as I love the Vikings they are coming off a bad loss to the Seahawks and I’m not sure they think they can play in Arizona

Buffalo Bills at Philadelphia Eagles   


Aaron: Bills by 4
Derek: Eagles by 3
Tanner: Bills by 10

Game Notes: Despite the Eagles coming off a miracle win over the Patriots that saved Chip Kelly’s job, the Bills will pull this one out behind Tyrod Taylor

Seattle Seahawks at Baltimore Ravens


Aaron: Seahawks by 17
Derek: Seahawks by 21
Tanner: Seahawks by 14

Game Notes: The Ravens just aren’t good, they can’t produce points and all of their weapons are done for the season. Unless Marc Trestmann can figure something out in the next few days, the Seahawks should win.

San Francisco 49ers at Cleveland Browns


Aaron: 49ers by 3
Derek: 49ers by 6 in OT
Tanner: Browns by 7

Game Notes: The 49ers seem to be rallying behind their new quarterback Blaine Gabbert, and we see them pulling out another win this week

Detroit Lions at St. Louis Rams


Aaron: Lions by 4
Derek: Lions by 7
Tanner: Lions by 6

Game Notes:  Lions are hot and the Rams are not. Three weeks ago Todd Gurley was logging yards but now that the Rams get down early they won’t be able to utilize the young back.

Tennessee Titans at New York Jets


Aaron: Jets by 7
Derek: Jets by 13
Tanner: NYJ by 10

Game Notes: The Jets have a punishing defense against one of the worst teams in the league. Easy win for New York here 

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cinncinati Bengals


Aaron: Steelers by 10
Derek: Steelers by 3
Tanner: Bengals by 7

Game Notes: The Bengals can knock off the hottest offense in football but the key will be to stop Antonio Brown.

Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars 


Aaron: Colts by 3
Derek: Colts by 10
Tanner: Jags by 7

Game Notes: The Colts have no identity and now Blake Bortles is playing at a high level, especially with his 5 touchdowns passes last week.

San Diego Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs


Aaron: Chiefs by 14
Derek: Chiefs by 17
Tanner: Chiefs by 9

Game Notes: Chiefs should knock out the Chargers because of San Diego’s awful line and inexperienced receivers.

Washington Redksins at Chicago Bears 


Aaron: Redskins by 6
Derek: Bears by 7
Tanner: Bears by 6

Game Notes: The Bears can win this if Matt Forte plays like he knows how and Cutler minimizes turnovers.

Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers 

4:05 PM

Aaron: Panthers by 3
Derek: Panthers by 17
Tanner: Panthers by 14 

Game Notes: The Panthers have a target on their back. If it was 8 weeks ago I would have picked the Falcons here and Dan Quinn as coach of the year. The Falcons just can’t contend 

New Orleans Saints at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

1:00 PM

Aaron: New Orleans by 9
Derek: Saints by 13
Tanner:  Bucs by 9

Game Notes: Bucs can win with Jameis and Lovie, and what a better way to stick it to Sean Payton. This season might get Payton canned too.

Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos 

4:25 PM

Aaron: Broncos by 7

Derek: Raiders by 7
Tanner: Broncos by 14

Game Notes: One word “Oswelier” 

Dallas Cowboys at Green Bay Packers

4:25 PM

Aaron: Packers by 20
Derek: Packers by 10
Tanner: Packers by 10

Game Notes: The Boys don’t have enough players and Dez Bryant is still clearly injured. It’s bad news for the Cowboys.

New England Patriots at Houston Texans 

8:30 PM

Aaron: Patriots by 2

Derek: Texans by 3

Tanner: Patriors by 3

Games Notes: New England can beat the Texans and Vince Wilfork in a reunion but they need to get the offensive revved up. 

New York Giants at Miami Dolphins 

8:30 PM

Aaron: Giants by 6
Derek: Giants by 14
Tanner: NYG by 7

Games Notes: Eli Manning is gonna find a way to pull this one out.


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