Congrats to Phil Kessel on Penguins Cup Victory

in Game Six of the 2016 NHL Stanley Cup Final at SAP Center on June 12, 2016 in San Jose, California.

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As the Pittsburgh Penguins enjoy their Stanley Cup victory, the post-championship narrative in Toronto now shifts, oddly, to Phil KesselFar more than a passenger in Pittsburgh, Kessel is now a Cup champion. Congrats, Kessel. Well done. Why Leafs fans are “supposed” to be upset by Kessel’s success is as confusing as it is  inaccurate.

Congrats to Phil Kessel on Penguins Cup Victory

It was a Jekyll and Hyde season for the Penguins. They transformed from a fumbling, fragile flock who lost in spite of themselves into savvy, steel-willed champions with the flip of a switch.

That switch was thrown by Jim Rutherford, the oft-criticized Penguins general manager who brought in coach Mike Sullivan half-way through a season on the verge of tail-spinning into an all-out catastrophe.

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