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Pay off Your Second Mortgage and Put the Sports Book Out of Business With Nick: The Throw it on the Table Ten: I make ten picks over eight games 

Forget financial advisors, your financial well-being will rest entirely with the gambling picks from this column. We’re going 12-0 this week. Time to Hit BANK!

Thoughts on prayers to everybody who had the Cardinals to cover last night. But better you than me because I had the Seahawks.

  1. TCU at Oklahoma -6.5; O/U 61: Take the Over and Oklahoma. Another wildly low point spread for a Big 12 game. Not as wild as Oklahoma State-Iowa State, but pretty wild none the less. If I were the over/under czar, I would make the spread 75. I like TCU to lose outright (just because Oklahoma is the home team,) but cover. Oklahoma wins 42-38.
  2. Catholics vs. Convicts: Notre Dame -3.5. Miami is one of the more overrated teams in college football this year. Miami’s four wins before Virginia Tech were all lousy. All one possession games against teams that are a combined 11-22. They were barely able to handle Cupcake City. Virginia Tech was Miami’s first quality win, and besides, Virginia Tech hasn’t beaten one top twenty team anyway, they weren’t going on the road and beat the U. Either way, I like Mark Richt and I like Miami’s future. But wait ‘til next year, this year, Notre Dame will put an end to the Miami hype. Notre Dame’s offensive line is too strong, and their QB play is better, a lot better than they get credit for. Notre Dame wins this outright, finally getting some road win creds, 30-24.
  3. Saints at Bills +2.5: Saints. This is my NFL bloodbank guarantee. I love the Saints to win this. First of all, the Saints are on a sx game win-streak and the jury is still out for Buffalo. The Saints are the sixth best team in the NFL because this year, unlike previous years, they can actually run the ball and play defense. New Orleans will beat Buffalo comfortably, 34-28.
  4. Steelers at Colts +10.5: Colts. Before you Terrible Towel waivers break your computer screens, there’s a 0 percent chance Pittsburgh loses this game, but any honest NFL fan will admit they’re not good enough to cover this spread against in Indianapolis against a QB like Jacoby Brissette, as weird as that sounds. First of all Brissette is easily the best back-up QB in the NFL and would start on some teams. Second of all, I don’t like Pittsburgh’s chances to cover such a big spread on the road because they make too many mistakes and their coaching could be better. I like the Steelers to win this comfortably, 27-18, but they won’t cover.
  5. Giants at 49ers: Giants -2.5. As bad as the Giant’s O Line has looked, as bad as Eli has looked, as bad as Ben McAdoo coaches and as bad as he needs to get fired, I still like the Giants to barely slide past this game. A game like this, I would expect the Giants to win, quite simply because Eli is a veteran quarterback and the Niners still haven’t won a game. It’s sort of like a “Who’s worse?” competition. I will look forward to congratulating the Giants on their second win of the season, 24-20.
  6. Cowboys at Falcons: Cowboys +2.5. With or without Ezekiel, Dallas will shock the city of Atlanta and not only cover the spread, but win outright. Dallas is one of the most well-put together teams in the NFL. With Ezekiel, they’re a top 3 team, without Ezekiel, they’re a top 6 team. The Falcons aren’t even a top ten team. The Falcons are nothing but a wash and a proven fluke last season. I apologize to the city of Atlanta, but Dallas wins this 28-26.
  7. Patriots at Broncos -7.5. I’m loving New England this game. For the second year in a row, Denver has been the “Team of September” and the Pats dominance hasn’t diminished, contrary to popular belief after game one. This game is just too big brands, but from a pure football perspective, this game isn’t even worth watching. New England wins this 31-20.
  8. Dolphins at Panthers -9.5; O/U 38.5: Dolphins and the Over. Listen, I like Carolina, I think they’re going to be the best non-playoff team this year. And yes, they’ll easily win outright on Monday night. Panther fans should rest easy and Miami fans shouldn’t get their hopes up. BUT, a 9.5 spread is huge, and Cam Newton is too bi-polar to really trust to cover such a big spread. And, Miami isn’t Cleveland. They’ll keep the game close for at 3 quarters. a 38.5 Over/Under seems low. Carolina wins this 24-18.

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