4 NFL Teams With ALOT To Prove The Final Two Weeks


Buffalo Bills

Rex Ryan had high hopes for this season in Buffalo after leaving the Jets. But unfortunately Ryan’s hopes have yet to deliver as his inaugural season has been tarnished by a poor running game. McCoy is doubtful for the rest of the year and it’s hard to say what will happen since the Bills went 9-7 last year. Rex and his 13th ranked offense is in a desperately tough situation and needs to find a way out so he can convince management that he is still the man they hired for the job and he’s the answer in the long run. Because if not, the Bills can’t afford to start over and rebuild again. Luckily for Ryan he’s got two very winnable games, one vs the Cowboys and the other vs the Jets.

Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts stand at 6-8 and it seems that team is continually missing pieces and the puzzle will never be complete. Since drafting Andrew Luck the Colts have yet to miss the playoffs but they might as their defense comes in at 29th in points against. It’s no surprise that the Colts have fallen from grace as they have missed the presence of Andrew Luck or at least that’s what we thought. In the 7 games with Luck at the helm the Colts fell to 2-5 and with Hasselback they are 4-3. However, Luck was playing at less than full health. These last games should serve as a good tool for management to decide where the Colts want to be next year and whether they tear down and start again or start investing money in their defense.

Atlanta Falcons

At one point during the 2015 season rumors of Dan Quinn being head coach of the year and new life being breathed into the Atlanta Falcons was swirling. Then the Falcons went and lost 7 of 9 and the chatter quickly died out. The Falcons showed in the first 7 weeks of the season that they could be a high-octane offense but for some reason the luck ran out and nobody really knows why. Granted the Falcons first 7 games were against only two teams that now stand at .500 but still there something in the water in Atlanta that’s causing the downfall. For the Falcons to go into this off-season with reassurance they need to win these final two match-ups with the Panthers and Saints.

San Francisco

There’s two questions that the San Francisco 49ers need to answer in the final two weeks. The first, “Is Jim Tomsula our coach for the long hall?” and “what’s our identity?” The 49ers are only a few year removed from an NFC championship game but you wouldn’t be able to tell by the team currently on the field. Tomsula’s 49ers have crawled to a 4-10 and an offense that as score a league low 202 points. Also if the 49ers are held under a combined 10 points in the last two weeks they’ll etch their name in history as one of the worst scoring offenses since 2002. Shaky at best quarterback play has been the downfall of 49ers as Tomsula opted for NFL bust Blaine Gabbert to save his season. The 49ers need to strongly consider drafting a quarterback in the off-season or they will hard-pressed to win more than 4 games next year. That means the 49ers better beat up on the Lions and Rams the final two weeks.


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