Pick Em: Week 16 NFL Matchups

Tomorrow marks the start of week 16 in the NFL and the playoff race is heating up for some teams. So in honor of week 16, here’s our writing staff’s prediction for this week’s NFL games.

Thursday Night Game

San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders

 8:25 PM Thurs

Aaron: Chargers by 7
Tanner: Chargers by 7

Game Notes: The Bolts should make this game a win unless Derek Carr finds some more Oakland magic.

 Saturday Night Game

Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles

8:25PM Sat

Aaron: Washington by 14
Tanner: Eagles by 7

Game Notes: It’s a toss up here. Go with your gut.

Sunday Games

San Francisco 49ers at Detroit Lions


Aaron: Lions by 6
Tanner: Lions by 7

Game Notes: Tomsula and his Niners are the worst offense in the NFL expect nothing special.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens


Aaron: Steelers by 21
Tanner: Steelers by 14

Game Notes: Better luck next year Baltimore.

Dallas Cowboys at Buffalo Bills


Aaron: Bills by 2
Tanner: Bills by 10

Game Notes: The Cowboys have no answer so we think the Bills can clean up.

Chicago Bears at Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Aaron: Buccaneers by 10
Tanner: Buccaneers by 7

Game Notes: Bears need help and they’ll get it in the draft so it’s time for Bucs.

Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons


Aaron: Panthers by 28
Tanner: Panthers by 17

Game Notes: Don’t expect the good times to end in Carolina unless Atlanta makes a deal wth Carolina management.

        Indianapolis Colts at Miami Dolphins

Aaron: Colts by 1
Tanner: Colts by 3
Game Notes: The Colts should beat a bad Miami team.

New England Patriots at New York Jets

Aaron: Patriots by 4
Tanner: Patriots by 7
Game Notes: Let’s be honest this could be a good game because the Jets always seem to play like super bowl champions when they match up with the Patriots. But we think the hype isn’t real.

Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans

1:00 PM
Aaron: Texans by 6
Tanner: Texans by 8
Game Notes: Texans defense needs a rebound and here it comes vs the Titans battered offense.

Cleveland Browns at Kansas City Chiefs

1:00 PM

Aaron: Chiefs by 12
Tanner: Chiefs by 10
Game Notes: It’s laughable thinking that Browns actually have a chance.

Jacksonville Jaguars at New Orleans Saints

4:05 PM
Aaron: Jaguars by 24
Tanner: Jaguars by 7
Game Notes: We like Blake Bortles and we drank the kool-aid. It’s time for a new king in town.

Green Bay Packers at Arizona Cardinals

4:25 PM
Aaron: Cardinals by 13
Tanner: Packers by 7
Game Notes: Carsenals are missing the Honey Badger so this game is another toss-up unless Carson Palmer manufacturers himself another stellar game.

St. Louis Rams at Seattle Seahawks

4:25 PM
Aaron: Seahawks by 4
Tanner: Seahawks by 7

Games Notes: Russell Wilson is having a career year and the Seahawks are back in business

New York Giants at Minnesota Vikings

8:30 PM

Aaron: Vikings by 12
Tanner: Vikings by 10

Games Notes: The Purple People Eaters are back and the twin cities can rejoice and a Beckham-less Giants means it’s time to eat for the Vikings.

Monday Night Game

Cincinnati Bengals at Denver Broncos

8:30 PM Mon

Aaron: Bengals by 10
Tanner: Broncos by 7

Games Notes: We want this as our game of the week and we’re split on the outcome.

That’s all for this week, so stop on by to see how you stacked up. Come back next week for another set of Sports and Politics Pick Em.


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