Pick Em: Week 15 NFL Matchups

Tomorrow marks the start of week 15 in the NFL and the playoff race is heating up for some teams. So in honor of week 15, here’s our writing staff’s prediction for this week’s NFL games.

Thursday Night Game

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at St. Louis Rams

 8:25 PM Thurs

Aaron: Buccaneers by 7
Derek: Buccaneers by 7
Tanner: Rams 8

Game Notes: Despite the Tampa Bay Buccaneers coming off a heartbreaking loss to the New Orleans Saints they have what looks to be an easier match up vs the St. Louis Rams as the Rams front seven has been getting it done.

 Saturday Night Game

New York Jets at Dallas Cowboys

8:25PM Sat

Aaron: Jets by 14
Derek: Jets by 14
Tanner: Jets by 10

Game Notes: The Cowboys are 1-8 with Tony Romo and the just keep spiraling downward. A lot needs to change for the Cowboys if they want to be Bowles’ Jets.

Sunday Games

Carolina Panthers at New York Giants


Aaron: Panthers by 21
Derek: Giants by 3
Tanner: Panthers by 10

Game Notes: This could be an upset, but probably not. The Panthers are playing at an even higher level than the Super Bowl XXXVIII losing team led by Jake Delhomme. We expect this to be another Panthers win.

Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings


Aaron: Vikings by 10
Derek: Vikings by 10
Tanner: Vikings 7

Game Notes: At 8-5 the Vikings are tumbling but good news for them they are playing the Bears. Teddy Bridgewater needs to get back to normal to lead the Purple People Eaters back to the playoffs.

Atlanta Falcons at Jacksonville Jaguars


Aaron: Jaguars by 14
Derek: Jaguars by 21
Tanner: Jaguars by 12

Game Notes: The Jaguars are hot, they put up 51 points last week against the depleted Colts and now they match up with a team that has lost 6 straight. The Jaguars will take this one.

Houston Texans at Indianapolis Colts


Aaron: Texans by 10
Derek: Texans by 6
Tanner: Texans by 14

Game Notes: Despite losing 27-6 vs the New England Patriots the Texans will rebound for an easy win against a Luck-less Colts squad.

Tennessee Titans at New England Patriots


Aaron: Patriots by 28
Derek: Patriots by 21
Tanner: Patriots 14

Game Notes: Patriots are back on track and there’s no way they should drop this game to the Titans.

Kansas City Chiefs at Baltimore Ravens

Aaron: Chiefs by 17
Derek: Chiefs by 14
Tanner: Chiefs by 10
Game Notes: No team is more ready for the off-season than the Baltimore Ravens. Their fall from grace has left them struggling to put points on the board without their three main producers.

Buffalo Bills at Washington Redskins

Aaron: Bills by 2
Derek: Bills by 17
Tanner: Redskins by 7
Game Notes: The Buffalo Bills should take this one but I’m not to sure not the Redskins have started to move a little. This game comes down to Rex Ryan and his ability to keep calm and lead his squad to a victory.

Cleveland Browns at Seattle Seahawks

4:05 PM
Aaron: Seahawks by 32
Derek: Seahawks by 20
Tanner: Seahawks by 14
Game Notes: Russell Wilson is on fire and it’s not gonna stop against on of the worst defenses in the NFL. Look for the Seahawks to take full advantage of the opportunity.

Green Bay Packers at Oakland Raiders

4:05 PM

Aaron: Packers by 6
Derek: Raiders by 7
Tanner:  Packers by 7
Game Notes: The Packers need Eddie Lacy to come through once again and put a stop to a feisty young Raiders squad led by Derek Carr.

Denver Broncos at Pittsburgh Steelers

4:25 PM
Aaron: Steelers by 24
Derek: Steelers by 7
Tanner: Steelers by 14
Game Notes: We’re picking the Steelers here because last week vs the Raiders was a prime example that the young Brock Osweiler can’t do it all himself. If Manning is healthy, this becomes a quarterback position battle.

Miami Dolphins at San Diego Chargers

4:25 PM
Aaron: Dolphins by 10
Derek: Dolphins by 6
Tanner: Dolphins by 7
Game Notes: Despite how bad the Dolphins really are the Chargers are worse. Phillip Rivers has been ice cold since losing Keenan Allen. The Dolphins have got this all locked up.

Cincinnati Bengals at San Francisco 49ers

4:25 PM
Aaron: Bengals by 7
Derek:  Bengals by 7
Tanner: 49ers by 6

Games Notes: The last Alabama QB to win an NFL game was Jeff Rutledge in 1987, but we two of our analysts seem to think AJ McCarron is gonna turn that streak around and put Cincinnati back on track.

Arizona Cardinals at Philadelphia Eagles

8:30 PM

Aaron: Cardinals by 6
Derek: Cardinals by 7
Tanner: Cardinals by 10

Games Notes: The Cardinals can’t possibly lose to the Eagles…. Or could they?

Monday Night Game

Detroit Lions at New Orleans Saints

8:30 PM Mon

Aaron: Saints by 14
Derek: Saints by 10
Tanner: Lions by 7

Games Notes: Two out of three writer recommend picking the Saints but this one thinks the Lions can win. This game comes down to Drew Brees and Sean Payton re-visiting their glory days.

That’s all for this week, so stop on by to see how you stacked up. Come back next week for another set of Sports and Politics Pick Em.

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