The 13 Most Outrageous Conservative Tweets


We’ve done our research on 100’s of tweets and narrowed it down to the dumbest conservative tweets on Twitter. So sit back and read these outrageous tweets by conservatives.

The Guy Who Doesn’t Know About Guns

Tears are definitely the worst choice. Did you know that your home state of Oklahoma is in the top 20 for death by gun violence? According to CBSNews, you don’t need a permit to purchase a firearm in Oklahoma.

The Woman Who Must Be The Worlds Biggest Ronald Reagan Fan.

It’s okay though Julia, you’ll fit right in with those extremists. You must have jumped for joy when Ronald Reagan cut taxes for the wealthy and raised the rate for the poor in 1986. It’s people like you that are the reason we cannot conquer income inequality because you want to dehumanize the poor.

The Insensitive A$$hole

Well first off, you’ve never been forced into involuntary servitude or been classified as an object. Second, you’ve never had to face being segregated or be told that you’ll be arrested for going into the wrong school, church, office, or even using the same water fountain. You’ve never been told that your body is only used to serve another person. You’ve never been told that you can’t make your own individual choices about your body.

The Girl Who Doesn’t Understand Racism

No national men’s day is not racist. It has nothing to do with race, it’s all about sex and gender. National women’s day is a tribute to every woman who stood up against the status quo and became pioneers.We have to celebrate progress. It’s not my fault that you can’t understand diversity or human rights.

People That Are Resistant To Change

Right, because women have proportionally equal rights to male counterparts…. Wrong. If you classify equal rights as not giving women sole responsibility for what they can and can’t do with their body, then you’re the problem. If you think it’s okay for a woman not to have any say in whether or not they are having children, you’re part of the problem. Finally, tell me why women that hold advanced degrees and have the same experience as men make less money then?

The Typical Conservative Assumption About People

First, tell me where you got this 98% statistic from. It must have surely come from FoxNews or other conservative media. Feminism isn’t aimed at making a gender superiority, it’s purpose is to give a voice to women to stand up against people like you that think they are below you. You’re resistant because you’ve always had that ability of your own voice and never had to face being dehumanized. You can’t understand hundreds of years of oppression.

The Woman Who Thinks Voting Liberal Is A Vote For Terrorism

Too bad the exact opposite is true. If history tells us anything, the longer you oppress an individual the more likely a civil war can start. Something the Republican’s have done for at least the last 100 years. Look at what Syria or Libya has done. For years, the Syrian and Libyan administrations starved and oppressed their people until a civil war was started. They eliminated social safety nets because they thought the poor could always fend for themselves, but they couldn’t have been more wrong.

The Guy Who Forgot To Do His Research

Right if only that were true, but you couldn’t be more wrong. In 2013, New Hampshire was 46th in the amount of money they spent on “welfare” programs but since you’re a conservative, I know you don’t do research. Maybe if you did research, you would discover that the state of Vermont ranked 45th in the amount spent on assistance programs. It’s okay though, because you can’t argue with ignorance.

The Religious Nut

Of course someone can be religious and still be a Liberal. You can be a churchgoer but still understand how archaic the text in the bible is. You can believe in God and still understand that his words are more figurative then Liberal. It doesn’t make you disobedient, it means that you have given yourself the freedom to subscribe to blind obedience like conservative evangelicals. So sir, you couldn’t be more wrong.

The Guy Who Doesn’t Understand Taxation Or Scientific Research

A portion of your tax dollars go to funding scientific research to cure diseases, create new medication, understand how the world works, and many other vitals pieces. There is no progress if people refuse to contribute to change and taxes a merely the price paid for living in a civilized society.

The White Guilt Person

Are you also one of those people that think Autism is caused by vaccines? You can’t cure what you call “white guilt”. The guilt you are feeling is the reality that we’ve oppressed certain groups and now they are fighting back. You cannot keep denying that there’s a problem and we need social change.

How College Works

Yes Karen, if an individual went to college for “free” somebody is obviously paying for that. But by obtaining that college degree, they will not only earn a million dollars more in the their life time but also enhance the education that occurs after they are gone. The idea is that by giving easier access to college, we can better educate our population, which will in turn help our society progress as a whole. If my tax dollars are helping someone through college so that they can attain a better life for themselves and their family, then I’ll happily pay without any questions. Higher education may not be for everyone, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give access to those who want it. Unless of course you’re the type of person that thinks a person doesn’t deserve a chance because they grew up in economic hardship and therefore have to stay that way.

The Conservative That Doesn’t Understand How Education Works

Better education leads to better innovation. Better innovation leads to economic progress. Your degree will still have value even if it’s “free” because by educating more people we can create new and better jobs because of research discovery. Humans survive because they can work in teams. Everyone isn’t going to have the same type of degree, but by educating more we can be a more effective and efficient society. We can truly still cling to the American Dream that if we work hard, then we can make a better life for ourselves, no matter our circumstance.

So what do you think? Are there any tweets that you found that can be added to this list of outrageous tweets? We do know that these

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