Watch: PGA Golfer Removes Pants To Hit Ball, Learns Business Lesson


Gary Woodland’s poor tee shot on the sixth hole at the Honda Classic put the golfer in a troublesome dilemma. This dilemma was whether he was going to risk getting his white golf pants muddy and wet or take them off to avoid the risk.

The Under Armour sponsored golfer recounted his incident at the Honda Classic at a recent unveiling of the company’s new line of golf shoes.

Woodland said that his poor tee shot on the sixth hole left him with a dilemma. Ultimately, Woodland chose to take off his pants to save himself from some extra laundry after the round. His choice made him into an internet sensation but also put the golfer in hot water with the PGA and Under Armour.

The PGA was concerned that Woodland was baring too much of his skin. Especially since golf is one of the few sports where wearing shorts and not pants in practice can cause an immediate upheaval. Woodland’s sports however were more concerned at what their golfer was wearing underneath his pants.

Under Armour asked the golfer why he wasn’t wearing the company’s line of underwear. Woodland quickly replied:

“The next day, [Under Armour] wanted to know why I wasn’t wearing Under Armour underwear. I said ‘I was!’ Their underwear is some of the best stuff they have.”

Under Armour was immediately confused by his statement because Woodland’s polo was covering his waistband, which is where the Under Armour name is located.

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Woodland missed the perfect opportunity to get Under Armour’s line of men’s undergarments national exposure. This missed chance sparked the company to poke a little fun to which Woodland shared their comments with news outlets.

“They said, ‘Next time, make sure to tuck your shirt in”

We can’t really explain the incident any better than Woodland did but we do believe at some point the PGA Tour officials will get over it.


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