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Peerplays Sports Betting Could “Uberize” Industry for Millions

Sports fans who would like to wager on events, but are prevented from doing so by federal and state laws outlawing the bets in the United States, there is a technology startup which could change all of that. Peerplays sports betting could "uberize" the industry for millions of people in the US.
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NHL Attack on Concussion Science Worse Than NFL

In the on-going drama over controlling the information made available to the public over the link between playing sports, head concussions and the neurological disease chronic traumatic encephalopahty (CTE), there is a more sinister villain which still lurks in the shadows: the NHL attack on concussion science.
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Candice Wiggins Publicity Stunt is What’s Actually Very, Very Harmful

Outrageous claims by Candice Wiggins are nothing more than a publicity stunt to sell her book, and we're all worse off for her making this choice.

Crystal Palace vs Middlesbrough Premier League Preview

Crystal Palace vs Middlesbrough Premier League Preview This weekend’s Premier League programme features a relegation six-pointer at Selhurst Park. Crystal Palace and Middlesbrough both seem set to spend the remainder...
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Illinois Senate Bill 12: Options for Professional Athlete Associations

Illinois Senate Bill 12 has gotten the attention of professional athletes in several sports, leaving them considering several options for how to respond if the bill should become law.
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Betsy DeVos Appointment Could Make Situations Like Baylor Worse

The potential appointment of Betsy DeVos to head the United States Department of Education could have devastating effects for sexual assault scandals like the ongoing drama at Baylor.

Why Something, Anything, Must Be Done to Prevent the Relocation of Millwall

"Millwall are a convenient coat peg for football to hang its social ills on" —Reg Burr, former chairman of Millwall Football Club Millwall Football Club has always been associated with the...

Traditional Sports and Esports Converging for Mutual Benefits

Traditional sports and esports converging benefits both parties, as it allows both industries to take advantage of new markets.

Trials Involving Slain NFL Players Challenge Stand Your Ground Law

The fate of the "Stand Your Ground Law" in Louisiana is currently on trial in the cases of two individuals accused of murdering two former NFL players

Marijuana Usage in Sports Emerging From the Shadows

Marijuana usage in sports is going public more and more, as a result of and in order to influence changing attitudes regarding the drug